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Purpose for Using Customer Information

  1. Customer information is used only for the following purposes.
  2. 1. To reply to inquiries from customers
  3. 2. To provide information to customers, such as information about products and services (maintenance and support, exhibitions, seminars, and other items)

Voluntary nature of information provision

Although individual provide personal information voluntarily, KITZ requires this information for its business operations. Consequently, individuals must be aware that KITZ may not be able to contact them if they have not provided the required personal information or if any personal information currently on record is erroneous.

Management of personal information

KITZ manages personal information properly by using reasonable safety precautions in accordance with laws, regulations, directives and internal rules concerning risks involving personal information (unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alterations, leaks and other risks).

Accuracy of personal information

KITZ takes steps aimed at ensuring that personal information received from customers is accurate and up to date. Customers are asked to notify KITZ of any changes in their personal information by using the procedure described below in “contact information concerning personal information.”

Provision of personal information to third parties

KITZ will not provide personal information to third parties without the prior consent of each individual. However, this restriction does not apply in cases where providing personal information to third parties is allowed by laws, regulations or directives or where the party receiving the information is not regarded as a third party, such as when outsourcing a particular task.

Entrusting personal information

KITZ may entrust personal information to a third party when outsourcing a particular task for the purpose of responding to a customer inquiry. However, personal information will be disclosed or used solely for the purposes listed above. In addition, KITZ will select only outsourcing partners that fulfill the necessary standards for protecting personal information, establish rules for protecting personal information and properly supervise the use of outsourced personal information.

Contact information concerning personal information

Please submit the above request form after entering the request in order to contact KITZ concerning corrections, termination of use, disclosure or other items concerning personal information. Postal mail or e-mail can be used for this procedure. KITZ will respond promptly to all requests within a reasonable period in accordance with its internal rules.

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